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Marijuana is one of the most commonly used mind-altering substances in the world. The legalization for the recreational use, or as more people are granted licenses for the medicinal use of the drug, the greater is the likelihood that marijuana use will impact any individual workplace. Employees under the influence of marijuana can create a host of workplace issues, from decreased productivity to safety hazards. The best approach for an employer is to be proactive – to have a plan to prevent problems, or to respond to them if, and when, they occur.

Marijuana: Issues, Impacts, and Responsibilities

Human Resources Training for the manager who may or may not have the benefit of an HR department.  This course has been designed to teach those unaccustomed to HR the essential tasks and the scope of responsibilities they will be involved in while fulfilling their management role. Whether you have access to staff positioned to provide assistance or not, you will need to know the essential competencies that impact your role, from management tactics, position analysis, training, and more.

HR for the Non HR Manager

Effective Leadership Skills for Supervisors: Communication, Coaching and Conflict — takes a unique perspective on the hot topic of management and supervisor skills. We’ve designed a one-day training course that gives participants the essentials of supervisor leadership: communication, coaching, and conflict. Archer's signature leadership assessment is also included.

The Three C's of Leadership

Anyone can be promoted to manager, but not everyone can lead. Trainers of new and aspiring leaders will engage learners in the functions of managers, and with three days’ worth of material in the Business Leadership: Becoming Management Material course, gets them fully engaged in.

Becoming Management Material

This is a one-day course is designed to provide the newly promoted, or recently hired CSM or Customer Service Manager an opportunity to explore their responsibilities within their role. Discussions about the various skills and techniques, drawing from their own personal and varied experiences, and exploring the elements of reward and challenge. Consider this an opportunity to re-energize, build and expand current team members, or an excellent way to grow, and bring new managers on to the team.

CSM: Customer Service Management

This 3-day training course is designed for managers, and supervisors who find themselves in a position to conduct Employee Performance Reviews. You will learn the reasons for conducting an EPR. You will also learn the reason why the outcome of such reviews should be known by both parties before hand.

The Art of an   Effective Performance Review

Interviewing sounds easy enough: you arrange for a conversation between you and potential candidates, and then select the best person for a particular position. But what if you could refine the process in such a way that you were confident that you are selecting the right person? How do you separate the good from the great, when they have similar work experience and strengths to offer? This workshop will give you the skills and tools to hire successful candidates.

Successful Hiring Techniques 

People with disabilities represent a significant and largely underutilized resource for businesses. Many disabled persons are underemployed or unemployed. As a result of advocates for diversity, as well as a shrinking labor pool, employers are taking a serious look at hiring and retaining people with disabilities. This two-day workshop will give supervisors, managers, and human resource consultants tools and tips for creating a diverse workplace.

Working with People with Disabilities